About the Seabrooke Legacy

Because I have read so many excellent DIFT challenges, and am sure I could never follow them with any degree of success, I am switching up the generations.  Here is the way I will be playing them:

Gen 1–farmer

Gen 2–science and earth

Gen 3–writer

Gen 4–Doctor

Gen 5–Stay at home

Gen 6–Cook

Gen 7–Adventurer

Gen 8–Politician

Gen 9–Cop

Gen 10–“Slacker”/Collector

Gen 11–Criminal

Gen 12–Musician

Gen 13–Service sim/firefighter

Gen 14–Business

Gen 15–half sibs

There is the possibility that I will throw some others in there somewhere, as I do love my sims!

If you are not familiar with the DIFT rules, here is a link that explains them: http://angelofafallen.livejournal.com/818.html#cutid1


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