Gen 1 funnies

Here are some shots that never made it in, but I just had to share:


After having the twins, Karma went a while before getting a good night’s sleep!  Strange glitchiness, actually–the whole time she slept, or gardened, or did anything, she would pop in and out of this standing position.  😀


After a while, it seemed to make her sort of crazy…


Sometimes, the gnomes were just a bit creepy–and I don’t mean that cute baby one.


Of course, everything is solved  with a ride in an invisible car!


It’s fabulous!


Are you serious?  It’s disgusting!


But the disgust goes away with a trip down the invisible slide!


This creepy old guy stood outside the school all day, making various poses like this.  Yuck!


When they were in their teens, Reg and Rose got caught sneaking out of the house.  Apparently, this is worse than even they knew, because they were stuck walking like that everywhere!


Really, I mean everywhere:


Even worse was when Rose discovered she was pregnant!


Made for some uncomfortable looking nights…


Here’s Reg, charming the ladies!


Yes, he really has quite the…er, never mind.

(that girl later married Ken Smythe, Mac’s boss.  yikes!)


Jenna never seemed to mind Reg’s occasional bouts of crazy, though.
Um, creepy much, Jenna?


And finally, remember, kids–Playing in the sprinklers can be dangerous!



4 Responses to Gen 1 funnies

  1. Haha these are really funny!
    Will you please look at my story/ies? Thank you 🙂


    • Thank you! I’d love to look at your stories, it will just have to wait until after August–I am doing a summer nano right now, and am pretty behind on words. They will definitely go on my to-read list, though. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  2. Toast!! says:

    omg omg. These pictures are so funny!!!

    I laughed so hard at Rose’s maternity clothes. Omg. She’s a centaur. XD

    Also, that pic of Jenna! Can we say paranormal activity?!

    I’ve had the creepy knee bent the wrong way thing. Xia did that during her birthday in Gen 3. Seriously wieeeerd!

  3. That paranormal activity picture is exactly like Jenna! omg! she would do that all the time, too, and only with Reg!

    Yeah, I laughed hysterically at Rose the centaur–until it was three days later (my days, not simdays) and I still couldn’t get it completely out of the game. Argh! Once it was gone, though, it was funny again. And my kids thought it was great! They wanted me to keep her as a centaur forever. 😀

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