Gen 2 funnies

The ‘Shots that Never Made it’–Reg’s generation!

Poor Reg–looks like his wedding night got him a bit nervous!


“But you see, Casie, he married me!  So you lose, get out.”


Poor Jack was so tired, and really wanted to go to bed.  😦


But every time he tried, Cosmo would look at him and say, “Could you keep it down?  I’m trying to relax.”


Not quite as bad as a pregnant centaur….but still.  This is what you decide to wear when pregnant, Jenna?


That’s okay, Cosmo seems to like it.


But then, Cosmo likes a lot of things…

(doesn’t poor Mac look so uncomfortable?)


Almost as uncomfortable as Jack!  Wonder what Reg said.


Not very funny, this one–Karma looks like she’s asking me why I allowed Grim to take Mac.  😦  Makes me sniffle every time I look at it.


But to get back to the inappropriate behavior, look what Rose decided to wear to Jack’s graduation, when everyone else went formal!


Best.  Birthdayface.  Ever.

(maybe she’s making up for Reg?)


“I pedal and pedal, but the bike just won’t go any faster!”


“Is Grim ever going to get here?  I’ve been gone for nearly an hour, I’d like to go see my husband…”


“How come nobody ever invites me in to the party?” 😦  (they stood like this for over a sim hour.  geez!)


Don’t look now, Mr. Bus Driver, but I think they want your soul…


Carl outside of the house:


And Carl inside of the house:


WHAMMO! “Nice to meet you.  I’m your new brother.”


Carl sometimes had some…questionable taste.


“Look, Mommy!  I can make my bottle float!”


Um, Jenna?  What are you doing?  O_o

Let’s move along.


When Jenna went in to get her tattoo, she was in the chair for the longest time.  When she finally got done, I got a pop up that said something along the lines of:  “Wow, that didn’t turn out quite like you wanted!  You aren’t going to make a fuss about it, are you?”   This is what she got:


What’s a ghost’s favorite thing to do?
Tell ghost stories, of course!  (you might not be able to understand the words, but the sound effects are great!)


This one isn’t for humor, just as evidence:  Reg’s little blue haired friend, and Mac’s boss, Ken Smythe:

(they never had kids, but stayed married until Ken died at about 121–and there would always be the romantic pop ups about them in game.  <3)


And once more…

Best.  Face.  Ever.


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  1. Haha birthdayface epicness!

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