Generation 1

Generation one introduced us to Karma Seabrooke.

Green Thumb
Loves the Outdoors
Hopeless Romantic
LTW=Perfect Garden

Karma, after the loss of her only family, her grandparents, moved to the sleepy town of Meadow Glen.  She had wonderful memories of going to a rustic cabin by a lake every summer as a child, and hoped to reclaim some of that happiness in Meadow Glen, building a life and a family.

It was tough going at first; instead of a house she had only a wall, and the town seemed deserted.  Finally, though, she met some people and started having a social life, even dating.  The first man she thought she found love with, however, was not such a good catch.  After a while, she met Mac Johnson, who would turn out to be the love of her life.

Mac=Brave, Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Heavy Sleeper

Mac and Karma were only able to have two children, a set of fraternal twins they named Reginald and Rose.   While things were sometimes rough for the small family, especially where Rose was concerned, times were generally good.  The small farm flourished and the money started coming in, enough to add on to the house a few times, even making room for Rose’s baby, Jack.


Reg’s traits on gen 2 page.
Rose=Insane, Clumsy, Good, Artistic, Kelptomaniac
Jack=Light Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors, Neat, Neurotic, Unflirty

They also took in a runaway teenager with a troubled past, Jenna, and gave her a happy home.

By the end of Generation one, the Seabrookes were able to have a fairly large house, as well as buy and rename the grocery store to the Seabrooke Supermarket.

Karma’s painting skill got all the way to 10 before her eventual death, and she painted Mac’s portrait, also Reginald’s, Rose’s, and Jenna’s.  Rose, also artistic, painted Karma’s before she moved out.

The House:

I didn’t manage to get any decent shots of the front outside of the house this gen. 😦  I do have one of the floorplan, though!  Yay!

I put some numbers on there, to sort of give you a tour of the house-
1) Mac and Karma’s room.  the tiny bathroom opens off of it.  When they first started building, this was the living room, kitchen, and bedroom area.  Yikes!
2) This became Jack’s room, though for a while it belonged to Reg and Rose, when they were babies/kids.
3) Rose’s room, across from Jacks.  Next to it is a small purple bathroom, accessed from the hallway.
4) The living room and kitchen area.  Very open, good for taking pictures before I got good with the tab button!
5) Though it’s empty in the picture, this became the solarium where Karma liked to spend time after Rose got pregnant.
6)Guest room.  Jenna slept here after Karma and Mac took her in, using the twins’ old bunkbed.
7) Bathroom!  The empty room next to it was supposed to be a laundry room, but they never actually had the money to get the washer/dryer after all this renovation–I think I built constantly through Karma’s generation.
8 ) Reg’s room, as far from Jack as he could go.  He didn’t like to be woken up by the crying!  His room has another small bathroom en suite.

The garden is in the backyard, taking up most of it!  You can also see the pond, not yet landscaped, and just out of site in the top right corner is the kids’ play area.

So there’s the house!  I’ll try to get better pics in forthcoming generations.  🙂

I’m not playing for points (too much work for me), but let’s look at the generation’s objectives:

*Garden with every type of plant from the store–yep.
*Get Married, no woohoo first–yep.
*Boy and girl, no cheats, try until you do–yep.
*Master gardener skill–yep.
*Obtain and plant every type of plant–no. Karma never traveled, so she never got any of the plants available in Egypt, China, or France. She also didn’t get the steak, plasma, or life plants. She did plant both death and flame, but it was right before she died so she never saw them.
*Catch every type of fish–no, she never went fishing once!
*Marry a guy who loves the outdoors &/or has a green thumb–yep.

Only missed two, so not too bad!

And of course, if you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment!  I can’t believe how helpful other people’s comments were as I read their stories and applied the stuff to the Seabrookes,  it was great.  I’m more than happy to share any of my meager knowledge!


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  1. Karma is sooo pretty!

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