Generation 2

Generation two gave us Reginald Seabrooke, mad scientist extraordinaire and the oldest of Karma’s twins.

Green Thumb
LTW-Creature/robot cross breeder

As a child, Reg was diagnosed with Insanity.  The doctors wanted to take drastic measures, but Karma would have none of it.  Though Rose was also diagnosed, it didn’t trouble her nearly as much.  Reg, however, was almost always talking to himself, to the point of arguing and physical violence.  While it worried Mac and Karma, they did their best to give him ways to distract himself.

As a teen, he got an inventing bench, and reveled in creating new things; a hobby that would last him the rest of his life.  From the beginning it was clear where Reg’s interests sat, as he was always trying to figure out the most efficient way of doing things.  He got himself a job down at the Landgraab Science Laboratories the day after graduation, and flourished there.  His dream was to create a creature, a fusion of sim and machine that he could show off to the scientific world.  Everyone said he was crazy, but that didn’t stop him.

Though he excelled in his chosen field, Reg was a little clueless about those mysterious beings of the opposite sex, women.  After a short dalliance with the family’s maid, he realized that true love was right there in front of him, in the form of the girl his parents had taken in years ago, Jenna.  Jenna had a troubled past, but Reg helped her overcome that just as she helped keep the crazed voices in his head at bay.

Jenna-Shy, Natural cook, Neat, Savvy Sculptor

Not long after their marriage, Jenna became pregnant with their first child, a little girl named Marie.  When she was just a toddler, their first son came along, Albert.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck the family when Mac passed away.  They were celebrating another addition to the family, a girl they named Galilei, when Karma passed on as well.

Reg buried his grief at his parents’ passing in work, and developed a potion to help Jack’s lifelong invisible friend Cosmo come into real life.  Though Jack and Cosmo were eternally grateful, Reg did not receive much recognition for this feat in the scientific world, and turned once more to his true dream, the fusion of sim and machine.  Shortly after these events, Rose, Jack, and Cosmo moved out into their own house.

Jenna, feeling that she wanted to honor Mac and Karma, convinced Reg to adopt a little boy named Carl.  He was the same age as Albert, and fit right into the family.  They thought their little family was complete, until Jenna got pregnant with what is known as a “late in life” set of twins.  Unfortunately, the pregnancy and birth did not go well, and Jenna and one twin died during the delivery.

Reg completely checked out from reality at this time, unable to deal with the loss of his beloved Jenna.  The madness came back and consumed him, leaving Marie- who was just a teenager- to take care of and raise her four siblings.


Marie’s traits on Gen 3 page.
Albert-Couch potato, Loves Outdoors, Family Oriented, Virtuoso,


Carl-Adventurous, Mooch, Artistic, Born Salesman,
Galilei-Shy, Easily Impressed, Artistic

Rachel-Perceptive, Athletic, Handy

The House:

Reg rebuilt the house almost as soon as he became heir, in the interest of efficiency.  Of course.

Front view, with lions that Jenna sculpted at the entrance.

Updated garden, with signs!

The pond, with the cemetery just behind.  If you look, you can see the fencing for the graveyard.

Backyard, with Reg’s workshop behind.

Inside (with a tour!!):

1)      Mac and Karma’s room, with en suite bathroom; later became Marie’s.
2)      Reg and Jenna’s bedroom, also with attached bathroom.
3)      Hallway with back door.
4)      Kitchen & Dining area.
5)      Living room area
6)      Art room, with areas for Karma and Rose to paint, as well as Jenna’s sculpting station.
7)      Front entryway, with Mac and Karma’s portraits on one side, Reg and Jenna’s on the other.
8)      Rose’s room, Rachel’s when she was born.
9)      Albert and Carl’s room.
10)  Bathroom
11)  Galilei’s bedroom.


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