Seabrooke High School

Due to much positive feedback-and a couple of requests- I have made Seabrooke High School available for download!!  Please note that this will not replace the regular in-game school, it is for picture taking/storytelling purposes only!

This thing is HUGE–I built it on a 64×64 lot, and it takes up almost the whole thing.  Yes, I realize that really limits where it can be put-sorry.   It is set to a community lot, No Visitors Allowed.

Some shots (some of these still show the old roof additions.  I did not like them and removed them, but was too lazy to retake all of the shots):

Front of the school.  It really does have a roof!  It is just flat.  🙂

Side of school, with dumpsters:

Back of school-parking lot (with usable parking spaces) and usable bike racks:

Other side of school, showing the pool area:

Courtyard area:

And now to the inside!

The front entrance hall (the doors farthest away, next to the bathrooms lead outside to the courtyard.  The doors across from the bathrooms lead into the hallways, classrooms, lunchroom, etc):

The front office (all slots in the cabinet there are fillable, perfect for mail, papers, or whatever you think should be in there):

Sitting in the waiting area for the principle’s office (right in front of us).  Unfortunately, no matter how I reminded myself, I never did remember to get a computer on the office lady’s desk… :

In the lunchroom (the stuff on the front counter is just random stuff I’ve slapped up there.  Most comes from expansion packs, and I think other things would look better.  If you find something amazing to go there, let me know!):

From the front of one of the two “basic” classrooms (both include chalkboards, teacher desk and chair, class rules posted on wall):

Peeking down the back hall:

Inside one of the bathrooms (there are two girls rooms, two boys rooms, and a couple of stalls in the locker rooms):

In the music room (I know I have seen music stands somewhere, which would look great in here, but damned if I can find them):

The library (which has the only computer in the school.  One of the basic classrooms would be great as a computer room!):

The science room!  I love this one, and there was so much more I wanted to put in it.  Just out of sight to the right are some hazard signs, and more lab coats are at the back of the room out of sight:

Half the gym.  Included in the gym are two weight machines, two treadmills, and in the half where you can’t see, two basketball hoops.  There are also workout safety guidelines posted:

In the artroom (raised platform with statue for drawing purposes.  The teacher’s desk is the drafting table!):

Locker room:

And the pool area, accessible from the locker room hallway (what I wouldn’t give for a diving board like the sims2 had):

Finally, an overhead shot of the entire school:


The CC list, complete with links!

Desk, chairs, lab table, lab stools, chalkboard, classroom deco:  Unfortunately, this link seems to be disabled–I don’t know if that’s permanent, so I’ll leave it up.  More desks can be found at the same link as the skeleton:

Teacher desk, filing cabinet, (also tons of –unused-stuff like folders, homework, etc):

Collector’s Rack in front office:

Basic Dining Table (in lunch room):

Hazard signs:

Skeleton and tons of other school clutter:

Basketball hoop (registration required, free):


And finally, the school!  Download


2 Responses to Seabrooke High School

  1. helen bassett says:

    the school is great but the desks you recommened the link has been taken down becasue it say sit cannot find it

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